Zimbabwe Learning Ethiopia’s Kaizen Strategy

Zimbabwe is gaining from Ethiopia’s best practices on Kaizen implementation strategy as it has managed to improve products and productivity of manufacturing industries including other productive sectors as well, according to Ethiopian News Agency.

Zimbabwe delegated five people to travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to gain from Ethiopia’s good experience in implementing the Kaizen strategy. The delegation visited Ethiopian manufacturing industries including textile, agro-industry, leather and leather products and chemical industries.

Taguma Mahonde, Principal Director of Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Macro-Economic Planning and Investment Promotion, stated that the experience they had acquired from Ethiopia on methods of implementation strategy would help improve management efforts in companies by making the industries’ strategy more effective also minimizing wastage.

Negatwa Asrat, Director for Research and Certification at Ethiopian Kaizen Institute (EKI), on her part stated that many African countries were interested to learn from Ethiopia’s best experience on ways of implementing the Kaizen strategy.

She further added that the Kaizen institute is working with the intention of making Ethiopia a centre for experience and knowledge by developing the capacity of industries and their strategic plan.


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