Which African Cities have the Most Millionaires? Here is the Top 10

A recent AfrAsia Bank New World Wealth report ranked African cities by the number of millionaires in them. Below is the top 10.

1. Johannesburg, South Africa (Millionaires: 23,000) – The African city with the most millionaires is South Africa’s Johannesburg which is the country’s biggest city.

<strong>Millionaires: 23,400</strong>

2. Cairo, Egypt (Millionaires: 10,200) – Second on the list is Egypt’s capital, Cairo, which is the second largest city in Africa.

<strong>Millionaires: 10,200</strong>

3. Lagos, Nigeria (Millionaires: 9,100) – Lagos, the fastest growing city in Africa and sixth most populous in the world, is third.

<strong>Millionaires: 9,100</strong>

4. Cape Town, South Africa (Millionaires: 8,900) – South Africa’s port city comes in fourth in the rankings.

<strong>Millionaires: 8,900</strong>

5. Nairobi, Kenya (Millionaires: 6,200) – Fifth on the list is Kenya’s capital Nairobi which is also its largest city.

<strong>Millionaires: 6,200</strong>

6. Luanda, Angola (Millionaires: 4, 900) – Angola’s capital and most populous city, Luanda, has 4,900 millionaires, making it the city with the sixth highest number of millionaires in Africa.

<strong>Millionaires: 4,900</strong>

7. Durban, South Africa (Millionaires: 2,700) – 7th on the list is another South African city; Durban, a coastal city.

<strong>Millionaires: 2,700</strong>

8. Pretoria, South Africa (Millionaires: 2,500) – Another South African city, Pretoria, comes in at number eight with 2,500 millionaires.

<strong>Millionaires: 2,500</strong>

9. Casablanca, Morocco 9 (Millionaires: 2,400) – Casablanca, Morocco’s largest city, comes in at number 9 with 2,400 millionaires.

<strong>Millionaires: 2,400</strong>

10. Accra, Ghana (Millionaires: 2,300) – The Ghanaian capital, which is also the country’s largest city, is 10th.

Flick through the gallery to discover the top 10 African cities for millionaires, according to the latest<a href="http://www.afrasiabank.com/media/128742/top_african_cities-for_millionaires_afrasia_bank_new-world_wealth_report.pdf" target="_blank"> <a href="http://www.afrasiabank.com/media/128742/top_african_cities-for_millionaires_afrasia_bank_new-world_wealth_report.pdf" target="_blank"></a>AfrAsia Bank New World Wealth</a> <a href="http://www.afrasiabank.com/media/128742/top_african_cities-for_millionaires_afrasia_bank_new-world_wealth_report.pdf" target="_blank">Report</a>. At number 10 is the Ghanaian capital of Accra, with 2,300 millionaires.



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