Uganda sets up Water Monitoring Systems to Warn against Natural Disasters

The Ugandan Government has set up 12 telemetric stations across the country to monitor water cycles of major lakes and rivers. The stations are expected to strengthen the country’s early-warning systems against natural disasters such as floods and droughts, reports The Observer.

Telemetric stations are equipped with automated sensors and internet facilities that collect and relay real time data to the national meteorological department at Entebbe.

According to the commissioner for water resources, Nebert Wobusobozi, the stations have been installed in disaster-prone areas such as Kasese, Bududa and Karamoja, and will boost the national network of warning systems in the country.

Wobusobozi noted that Uganda once had a good hydrological cycle system set up in the 1960s, which were destroyed during the years of turmoil.

“We have restored and automated the observing system with these telemetric stations that can be used to issue early warnings on floods and droughts,” he said.

He added that the Ugandan government plans to boost the network further by installing another 240 telemetric stations in the next three years.

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