Tracker to monitor Ugandan Government’s Health Commitments Launched in Kampala

Samasha Medical Foundation (SMF) and Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) have developed and launched a tracker to monitor the progress of Reproductive health commitments made by the Ugandan Government.

According to Uganda’s The Observer, the tracker is colour-coded with green, yellow and red to show commitments that have been achieved, are being implemented and those that aren’t being implemented respectively.

The tracker will monitor government’s three major reproductive health commitments made in the past five years namely: Every Woman Every Child, 2011; Family Planning 2020 and the UN commission on life saving commodities. This tracker, a form of watchdog, will ensure that government follows through on its commitments.

“Most often, people hear and read about commitments but never perceive how they could be achieved. The motion tracker is a clear manifestation of policy ideas translated into implementable activities,” said Dr Moses Muwonge, the director SMF, during the launch.

Current track data shows that tax exemption on family planning commodities such as condoms; the $5m (Shs 18 trillion) allocated for family planning and an additional $5m mobilized from donors have so far been achieved.

The assistant commissioner for reproductive health, Dr Collins Tusingwire, said that the ministry shall hold reproductive health meetings every October to discuss progress.

“We are in the process of working with drug shops so that reproductive health commodities reach everywhere,” said Tusingwire.

The tracker is accessible on

Source: The Observer


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