Top 4 Features for African Business Hotels

International and inter-regional business continues to drive travel, in many cases businessmen host seminars and meetings from hotels and even work from as they transact with their several partners. This pool of new customers cause hotels to adapt to their business-savvy clients who race against deadlines and have need of efficient hotels to be productive. which hosts a number of hotels of this cadre illustrates four important features that could transform a drab ordinary hotel into one that caters to business travellers.

Seamless internet connection

Of course seamless internet connection would be a great complement to steady electricity, generous hotels could add internet connection as part of the hotel rates and others could add a subsidized or modest cost as long as the connection is sterling. In pursuance to the network connection, there should also be access to at least three electrical sockets as all types of travelers seem to have more than one mobile device. Access to more than one electrical socket at the same time means there is no need for the devices taking turns to get charged up which could easily translate to good reviews for the hotel.

Efficient, attentive staff members

Nothing can quite make up for great room service that caters to the beck and call of the visitors. This would boost the hotel’s desirability by business travellers as it shows that the hotel is reliable and that requests are carried out immediately. This is an enabling factor to gain a business traveller’s trust as the hotel can be counted to book their taxis around town and ride back to the airport on time. And as regards international business travel, multilingual staff would be well-suited to the needs of visitors from far and wide.

Indoor business centre

This is a must-have since having businessmen and women as guests necessitates the need for business centres with printers, fax machines, up-to-date computers and scanners amongst others. Making these services complimentary for hotel guests would surely results in a number of great reviews and subsequently more profit.

Indoor gyms

All work and no play does not give the best results. Though working out is not technically play, it is a great way to unwind for guests that have been working long hours since arrival to the hotel. A quick break to spend a few minutes on the treadmill would do them a load of good and if hotels can provide that for guests, a lot more recommendations would be made.


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