Top 4 African holiday escapes

Christmas is around the corner, it is the season of giving and this giving should also be extended to oneself. To ensure you’re ahead of the game in treating yourself to a proper end-of-the-year break, here are some adventurous picks to soak in a bit of sunshine and bask in calmness over the festive period.

Obviously, a different environment would do a load of good to help de-stress and rejuvenate for the New Year so instead of sitting on the sofa with Christmas carols playing in the background, exploring a new destination is sure to awaken the sense of adventure which will get one ready to tackle the New Year. Jovago brings you a list of African gem countries to discover this season, away from the usual, if you do go, remember to make the most of it and enjoy to the fullest!

South Africa

The Cape Grace resort in Cape Town, South Africa offers a getaway fit for royalty this season. It is quite a great fusion of modern comforts and the traditional Cape culture. With legendary Table Mountain just in view, what more can one ask for? This hotel is nothing short of luxurious as travellers also get the opportunity to explore the Victoria and Alfred harbours nearby. Adventurous travellers could also venture further to explore this gem of a destination.

Sierra Leone

Experiencing Christmas in a different country has its perks. Fortunately, Sierra Leone’s capital loves to have a very merry Christmas, the streets boom with music from all corners and there is so much Christmas cheer all around as neighbours share food to commemorate the season. Shows and carnival processions also take place to keep travellers and indigens entertained while the picturesque beaches make for a great spot for relaxation and refreshment.


Undoubtedly, one of the reasons for the flocking of tourists to Sub-Saharan Africa is Seychelles. It is renowned for being a top honeymoon destination and is ideal for a luxurious getaway. With up to 155 islands, this archipelago  is surrounded by Madagascar, Comoros and Mauritius amongst others. Its islands range from granitic to coral ones. Of all its islands, Mahe, La Digue and Praslin boast to be the most popular. Mahe’s beautiful beaches and scenic atmosphere is sure to keep you in a jolly mood this season, La Digue’s jade waters give off this laidback vibe for relaxation beyond your imagination and Praslin grants a divine opportunity to explore the vast underwater paradise.


Situated in West Africa, the Gambia is bordered on the West by the Atlantic Ocean and on all other sides by Senegal. The Gambia’s intimate small fishing villages are open to travellers seeking to have a peek into the lives and times of the Gambian fishery industry which is a major component of the economy. This would give a perfect opportunity to reach out to the local people and also appreciate the highs and lows of the year as it comes to an end. In the midst of the challenges, the friendliness of its people make the culture worth exploring. There are many tribes – the main ones are Mandinka, Wolof, Fula and Jola – and it’s common to receive an invitation to visit a Gambian ‘compound’.

What do you think about these destinations? Which destination was the most memorable for you?


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