The Potential of Wine Tourism in Africa

Wine tourism implies the discovery of wine as the aim of travel. This may sound irrational to many but wine enthusiasts would beg to differ. This genre of tourism is spreading rapidly worldwide and is particularly important for Africa’s second largest economy – South Africa. The International Wine Review ranks South Africa’s wine tourism as one of the best developed in the world which is an incredible feat. With its fifty-four countries, Africa definitely has a great potential for developing wine tourism alongside the other genres of tourism. Africa may be known for its majestic heritage sites, scenic beaches but a rise in wine tourism would add wine to that list! Jovago highlights this interesting side of tourism for all to see.

Viticulture in Africa is interesting as certain weather and soil conditions are necessary to be put in place to ensure a profitable harvest. South Africa’s viticulture dates back to the colonial times and is deeply entrenched in their history, this explains the progress made in terms of the quality of their wine and wine tourism. However, it should be noted that coastal influences of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean play a key role in the strategic locations of wine regions. For South Africa, their wine regions are nourished with intense sunlight.

Africa has 38 coastal countries with great potential for wine development and tourism as the conditions necessary for viticulture could be made available with consistency in research and an investment in agriculture. This potential cannot be undermined as this could also become a source of employment for African youth as well as a means to reduce brain-drain in Africa as a need for researchers and intellectuals would arise in order to create the necessary conditions for wine-making. Of course the wine would vary in taste and complexity according to region and that would further add to the essence of a potential growth in African wine tourism.


Wine tourism brings to fruition a world where people travel just because of wine. It doesn’t get any better than this! People from around the world can bond not just through experiences but also through wine produced on African soil. It’s about time the prospects of wine tourism becomes widely-known.

With the popularity of wellness tourism, business tourism amongst others, exploring African wine could top the lists of the wine lovers from around the world. A little research could help plan out what cities to visit and explore. Travellers could start with exploring South Africa’s Stellenbosch, Madagascar’s Antsirabe or Egypt’s Nile Delta, cities could be chosen based on whatever suits the taste-buds of the wine-loving traveler!


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