Tanzania, FAO set to jointly Boost Agriculture

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in Tanzania has said it is set to work with the government in implementing appropriate social protection policies that will help in increasing the agriculture productivity in the country. The announcement came over the weekend in Bariadi Township, Simiyu Region during a World Food Day occasion.

Along with investing in ensuring agricultural productivity, FAO has also challenged the country to extend the battle against hunger and poverty particularly in rural areas focusing on pro-poor investments and social protection measures.

“We continue to collaborate in many interventions that include policy support, strengthening of institutional capacities, technical capacity development and the promotion of good agricultural practices,” the Assistant FAO Representative responsible for Programmes, Mr Fredrick Kivaria, said.

Mr Kivaria noted that, with its expertise and resources, FAO will comfortably support Tanzania in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, especially since 14 of them are directly related to the organisation’s work.

Some of the likely interventions which would benefit Tanzania include cash transfers to poor households to protect them against risks, gender sensitive social protection programmes involving more women and youths and school feeding programmes.

The Minister of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives, Mr Stephen Wasira, said the government has introduced various measures with the aim of increasing food production.

He said the outgoing Fourth Phase Government has implemented a number of policies such as the Big Results Now initiative, which targets to increase more achievements in agriculture and food security.

“Under BRN, the country will see the increase of food products like maize to 100,000 in 2015/2016 as well as 290,000 tonnes of paddy, 150,000 of sugar where about 400,000 small-scale farmers will be engaged in commercial farming,” said Mr Wasira.

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