Take a dip in Africa’s Magical Hot Springs

Current happenings in Africa do not take away from the fact that many of its sites hold mystic powers and incredulous stories which draw curious travellers to them – some ancestral sites and spooky vibes they give off attract many adventure-seeking tourists who yearn to have a feel of the experience. To cater to the travel needs of travellers seeking to explore Africa, Jovago.com brings you a couple of Africa’s springs worth taking a dip in to make your vacation even more memorable than you bargained for!

Ihimbo Hot Springs, Uganda

Its name is derived from the local Bahimba people who live in proximity to it. Enveloped by a eucalyptus forest, its healing properties is no secret to the locals who don’t hesitate to take advantage of it when needed. People from neighboring regions and countries visit this site in the hopes of getting to testify of the renowned  healing properties of the Ihimbo hot springs.

Ikogosi Springs, Nigeria

The mystery of the Ikogosi Warm Spring lies in its therapeutic effect on ailment and aches of many forms. It flows beside a cold spring which even adds to the air of mystery it evokes. Experts call it a “geological wonder”, many call it a “healing spring, it is indeed one of a kind. Common folklore about the existence of the Ikogosi is derived from a tale of a man and his two wives; the warm spring depicts one of the wives – the rather troublesome one while the cold spring depicts the other, the more easy-going one. Many believe in the healing properties of the Ikogosi Springs as visitors come from far and wide to fetch some of this water for future use. Apart from the magical springs, ecotourism is a another magnet that draws tourists to this destination, especially those who long to commune with Mother Nature…

Hammam Essalihine, Algeria

An ancient Roman bath is the remainder of this spring after renovation, it is wrapped around the Aurès Mountains in the Algeria’s El Hamma district. The experience of taking a dip in a hot pool surrounded by nature’s abundance is nothing short of therapeutic, the rehabilitative properties also encourage many tourists to visit the site. Its chemical composition is proven to enrich the waters with healing properties for a range of diseases.

Montagu Springs, South Africa

Montagu Springs is every tourist’s ideal retreat – it appeals to all types of travellers ranging from the adrenaline rush-seeking bunch to the laidback nature lover. These famous springs are said to have restored the sick Victorian settlers in the olden days. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the mystery of Montagu Springs, it is indeed one destination to check out on your next vacation to South Africa!

Egypt’s Oyoun Moussa

A tourist’s dream all by itself, the Oyoun Moussa brings an additional appeal to this destination. This hot spring has made a major contribution to boosting therapeutic tourism in Egypt which is blessed with an abundance of hot springs. The healing properties in Egypt is not limited to just the waters but also the clay which are proven to cure diseases ranging from respiratory to dermatological. The two top hot springs to visit in Egypt are Oyoun Moussa and Hamman Pharoan.

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