Study shows Ethiopia has Potential to Generate over 10,000 MW Geothermal Power

Ethiopia has the potential to generate over 10,000 MW from geothermal power, according to a study conducted by the Geological Survey of Ethiopia (GSE).

Tamiru Mersha, Public Relations and Communication Director, told the Amharic daily Addis Zemen that the study was conducted on 150,000 square km of the rift valley which has a very high temperature.

“The study that was conducted 25 years ago confirmed over 5,000 MW could be generated from 16 potential areas. Currently, the potential areas have increased to 22 showing Ethiopia’s geothermal potential in the sector,” Tamiru said.

GSE is responsible for gathering basic goescience information across the country and distribute to stakeholders. It carries out geological mapping exploration related to mineral resources, oil and natural gas, hydrogeology and engineering geology.

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