Rwanda’s RCS wins Global Award for Bio Gas Technology

Rwanda Correctional Services (RCS) has been awarded by the International Correctional and Prison Association (ICPA) for its efforts in using biogas to combat environmental degradation.

The award was handed over to RCS Deputy Commissioner General, Mary Gahonzire, yesterday during the 17th ICPA annual general meeting in Melbourne, Australia.

“I accept the award with profound admiration and fondness on behalf of my country and the Institution I represent,” Gahonzire remarked.

“This moment is much bigger than the institution I represent. It is for the people of Rwanda. And as a result of good governance in my country,’’ she added.

RCS established its biogas production facilities to alleviate current pressure on the environment, improve health and sanitation in prisons and also reduce costs on firewood fuel consumption in prisons.

Before adopting the initiative, the prisons used up to ten tonnes of firewood per day. Today, out of the 14 RCS facilities across the country, 12 have biogas plants and the gas fuels 53.7 per cent of the cooking.

Source: New Times Rwanda


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