Rwandan Government gives Free Houses to 138 Families

Rwanda’s Rwamagana District has completed construction of 68 houses for needy families in Urugwiro village in Kitazigurwa cell.

The houses, worth Rwf510 million, were given to over one hundred and thirty eight families with each house valued at Rwf7.5 million. The District Mayor, Abdul Kharim Uwizeyimana, said each house has the capacity to accommodate as many as eight people.

“Most of the beneficiaries were people living in dilapidated houses with little hope of getting a well furnished house of their own. We thus gave them a beginning of a new life,” he said, while touring the new settlement with Local Government Minister, Francis Kaboneka.

Mr Kaboneka, while addressing the residents, said that the settlements set a standard in the country and should be a blessing.

“We don’t expect this place to be a hub of illicit alcohol and other drugs…desist from such activities and behaviors that will destroy the good image of your community. There shouldn’t be gender based violence or child abuse as well. Guard jealously the general infrastructure you have. Maintain good roads, electricity, water installations as they come up. Don’t take access to such infrastructure for granted,” he said.

Beneficiaries were full of praises for the government, while expressing their gratitude for the support which will help ease their problems.

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