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RateAfrika is an online business platform where people can find businesses and services (which are listed), try them & rate them.

RateAfrika will be launching on the 3rd of March as an MVP (minimum viable product) & introduce a free online booking system to over 1000 restaurants in South Africa on the 5th of March 2014.

It will first launch in South Africa, listing restaurants in 4 other countries as well, and thereafter expand to other African Countries & eventually span the continent.


1.      Free Online Booking System – On the 5th of March, RateAfrika will launch a free online booking system (South Africa only).

How does this work?

1) Customers find your restaurant at RateAfrika.com and click the “Book Now” button

2) The quick & easy booking system is completed and submitted to the restaurant for confirmation & a copy to the customer (30 seconds)

You now have a new booking!

2.      Restaurant Wars –A monthly restaurant battle,  A great way of finding out which restaurant to go to depending on viewers votes, from the best view, best coffee, best wine to the best starters & desserts in your area! All you have to do is “Ramp Up” your favourite restaurant. Every month one restaurant selected by users will win the “Rwar” Awards, a fun social side to the site & a great way of promoting healthy competition amongst restaurants.

3.      Your Dish – Why not have a cook off & show your skills? Or upload the meal you are having at your favourite restaurant.

Users will be able to upload their own creative dishes, upload YouTube links if they have a video on how to make a particular dish and of course, there “Dish” will be rated by the rest of the users. Each month the dish with the most votes will be on the “Your Dish” home page and later on to make it more interesting we will introduce various levels from Foodie to Master Chef!


Stephen Ododah (23) – Founder of RateAfrika.com, hospitality background. Born in Kenya, Nakuru, brought up in Uganda, Botswana & spent most of my life in South Africa.

Currently residing in Tanzania as an Operations Manager opening up the first National Fast Food Franchise.

Previous experience includes working for the Fairmont Zimbali Hotel in Durban, South Africa.

Kimeshan Naidoo (22) – Co-Founder of RateAfrika.com & Founder of www.studentview.co.za – engineering background.

South African born & raised, currently a Trainee Marine Acquisition Engineer for Schlumberger Oil Services.

Previous experience includes working for Mittal Steel (SA).


RateAfrika provides both buyers and sellers with numerous benefits including the ability to reach customers by creating a marketing platform as well as receive feedback through customer reviews for businesses.

We are currently working on a system whereby restaurant owners can receive feedback straight to their PC or mobile phone & will be able to respond to the particular review in real time, hence ensuring customer satisfaction.

For customers, the platform allows them to find the best and/or NEW businesses and services as well as express their opinions through customer reviews.


RateAfrika’s ambition is to list all different types of services available, ultimately becoming the “Yelp” of Africa.

Website: www.rateafrika.com

Blog: www.rateafrika.com/blog

Twitter: @RateAfrika

Facebook: www.facebook.com/rateafrika


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