Power Ship: Potential Short-term Energy solution for Namibia

Turkish-based energy solutions company Karadeniz Energy Group, has put forward a proposal to Namibia’s state-owned utility NamPower. The proposal sets out to use a power ship to provide 120MW of temporary power, reports New Era.

Power ships are floating mobile power plants that can deliver utility-sized output and are commissioned on a fast-track basis. The major advantages of the utilisation of power ships are that the power can be delivered rapidly; no major site preparation is required; there is no completion or construction risk; and the ships are delivered ready for energy production.

In efforts to overcome the country’s energy shortfall, the ministry of mines and energy issued a tender last year to contract the temporary provision of up to 120MW of electricity.

NamPower plans to connect at least two temporary power stations to the national grid. It is anticipated that the temporary generation facilities might be required for the next five years.

The tenderers are expected to provide, install, commission, operate, maintain, and subsequently decommission and remove short-term generation equipment – with the aim of connecting one or two temporary power stations to the Namibian grid.


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