‘No Successful Bank Robbery in Lagos Since 2008′ – Gov. Fashola

‘No Successful Bank Robbery in Lagos Since 2008′ – Gov. Fashola

The Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, speaking at the debut of “Both Sides” a political discourse organized by The Kukah Centre, during the week said there has been no successful case of armed robbery on any bank in his state in the last six years.

According to him all robbery attempts on banks in the state since 2008 were frustrated by the better equipped Lagos police.

Mr. Fashola attributed the feat to his administration’s commitment to the kitting and arming of the police for security enhancement.

“We have looked into the problems of the police and resolved the logistics problems. We also discovered that with increase in allowances for our policemen and putting them on life insurance policy, their services will be enhanced,” he said.

“There is resource deficit in some of our security agencies and we waded into it to see what we can do. Once we solve that, we resolved the major problem of insecurity in the state.”

He said the experience he garnered while serving as Chief of Staff to former Governor Bola Tinubu gave him the knowledge on how to govern the state.

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