New Technology to Improve Gold Mining in Ethiopia

A new metal detecting machine made by Depar General Trading Company, which opened its assembly office in Addis Ababa yesterday, is said to be productive with the potential to change the work conditions of gold miners, according to The Ethiopian Herald.

State Minister of Mines, Petroleum and Gas, Mr. Tewodros Gebregziaber, announced at the inauguration ceremony that this was the second company to be engaged in the sector. He further added that the government had been exerting efforts to improve the traditional gold mining development with advanced technologies and this was the second company to be engaged in the sector.

Depar General Trading Company is not only expected to provide gold detecting machines but also other machines like dry washer, gold cube and rock crusher.

The State Minister noted that people used to import such technologies with fake brands and extremely high prices. However, Depar General Trading is expected to alleviate this problem by opening branches in every state and supplying the genuine products at reasonable prices. In addition to that, he added that the government will also support the gold miners by organizing them in small and micro enterprises and facilitate loans from small and micro finance institutions to enable them to purchase the machines

Company Business Development Director, Laith Bairam, stated that the company would provide the miners with the original products and fair price. He added that they would not just sell the products to the miners but also give them training on how to operate the products.


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