New Project seeks to improve Livelihood in Northern Tanzania

People and wildlife living across Tanzania’s northern rangelands will benefit from a new project aimed at improving livelihoods, ecosystems, governance and economic growth across the landscape, according to Daily News Tanzania.

The project, “Endangered Ecosystems – Northern Tanzania” (EENT), has a vision of an ecologically and economically thriving landscape that supports both people and wildlife, and is resilient to future stress from climate change and human population growth.

It is coordinated by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and nine implementing partners. This project stems from an existing collaboration known as the Northern Tanzania Rangeland Initiative (NTRI).

“People, wildlife, ecosystems, economies, health care – these are all connected issues, but they’re often addressed separately,” explains TNC Africa Conservation Director, Matt Brown.

“This initiative is changing this. We believe that by taking an integrated approach, and bringing together different skills from a diverse group of people and organisations, we can have a greater impact.”

The EENT was officially launched at the Tarangire Safari Lodge in a ceremony attended by the US Ambassador to Tanzania, Mr Mark Childress, and district commissioners from Kiteto, Monduli, and Simanjiro, among others.


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