New Innovation Hub to connect Techies in South Sudan with Investors

South Sudan’s jHUB, a new innovation hub for techies, aims to connect young techies to investors and mentors in the country, to foster innovation and share knowledge, Footprint to Africa reports.

Founded by Lagu Samuel and Stephen Kovats, jHUB recently held a ‘peacehackcamp’, which brought the youth together for an intensive training using open source tools and media to foster innovation and share knowledge.

Currently, most of the meet-ups are focused on software development and hardware troubleshooting to help youth develop their skills and build companies like their counterparts in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda and various other countries.

jHUB aims to provide the youth with facilities and will be home to the youth, giving them access to a good workspace, electricity, high-speed Internet as well as mentorship and business development skills.

With over 15 pioneer members and a first event already held, jHUB aims to overcome all the challenges the youth are facing in the country and then establish a technology eco-system in the country, create jobs for the youth, end insecurity and civil unrest as well as help grow the economy.


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