MTN Zambia announces $11m Site Construction Plan

Zambia’s largest mobile phone operator, MTN Zambia, plans to spend over $11 million on the construction of new cell sites across the country in a bid to widen its network and capture more subscribers.

The 274 sites being constructed are also expected to meet the growing demand for mobile communication and improve communication services in Zambia.

According to the company, because of the growing economy and population of Zambia, MTN network Zambia Plc has embarked on the proposed project of constructing more cell sites to meet the growing demand from the market, as well as to improve the quality of services that its network provide in the country.

Over the past year the country’s telecom sector regulator ZICTA (Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority) has pushed mobile operators to improve communications service delivery.

MTN has over 51% market share of Zambia’s telecom market followed by Airtel and government owned Zamtel.

The company has previously said it wants to expand and improve its service delivery in order to satisfy customers and consolidate its dominant position.

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