Mountain-Climbing Tips to Scale Kilimanjaro, the Roof of Africa

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Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro is widely known as highest free-standing mountain in the world almost 20,000 feet high! With about 3 volcanoes present – Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira – the excitement of climbing the Kilimanjaro is unrivalled, the adrenaline levels are sure to spike on the way up! Located closed to Tanzania’s Kenyan border, climbing this world-rated mountain takes high spots in the bucket lists of many adventure-seeking travelers!!! Its proximity to the Kilimanjaro International Airport does not help with keeping the excitement at bay. The thrill of standing on the Uhuru Peak is rather incomparable and almost impossible to top.

Since going up the Kilimanjaro is no easy feat, Africa’s travel experts from bring you 6 tips to help make your climb up the Kilimanjaro a success.

Cover your bases

Before venturing out to conquer the Kilimanjaro, it is important to make sure your body is ready to the adventure your mind has in plan! Start this preparation by taking the time to boost your endurance levels and your muscle mass. Mountain-climbing is no easy feat – if you hyperventilate after climbing about 5 flights of staircases, there is definitely work to be done before you go trudging up one of the routes to get to the Uhuru Peak. Save your climbing party the horror of dealing with an unfit member that would probably delay their trip to the top and start your fitness journey before the actual journey to Tanzania!

Planning planning planning

It is important to plan your climb up with one key element in mind, safety! There are a 1001 guide services for the Kilimanjaro to help you guarantee a safe climb and ensure you do not take the wrong path and end in the crater rather than at the Uhuru Summit! Get a map ready to trap your progress as you go! Your party would most likely include cooks as the Kilimanjaro is a lucrative means of providing employments for people living in the region.

Predict the unpredictable

It helps staying abreast of the unforeseen. Make sure to check the weather forecasts to make sure you have a somewhat perfect weather for your adventurous day! If heavy rains are to be expected, best subdue your excitement for 24 more hours and venture out with a more encouraging weather! A first aid box should also be available just in case…

Mountain wardrobe

Sturdy boots are an absolute necessity for your climb to the top; as earlier mentioned, if you have to get a new pair, make sure to break in your pair as a pinchy toes up the mountain would be horrifying. Equipments to brave the climb are also essential – these could be taken care of if you decide to hire a professional guide. Light breathable clothing and special jackets to protect you from both the cold and rain is a must-have in your mountain wardrobe. it gets quite cold on the Uhuru Summit!

Take a breather

Don’t forget to pace yourself on the way to the top! There’s really no need to race all the way to the top since you can’t get to the Summit in a day, rather start your journey with measured strides that would steadily take you to the top; adequate breaks (some long enough to set up camp) are also a necessity to keep your body and mind in a great shape.

Stay green

Your body would be needing a lot more fluids than normal, it is key to pack a fair share of juices and dried fruits to snack on while climbing. Highly nutritious foods to keep your energy levels up should be opted for. Also endeavour not to litter your way to the top and keep the path free of trash.

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