Kenya Ports Authority to Increase Cargo Handling Capacity at Port Mombasa

The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) has said it will increase cargo handling capacity at the Port of Mombasa as the region anticipates a rise in cargo volumes.

KPA Managing Director, Gichiri Ndua, has disclosed the plans to construct and equip the four berths which will provide an additional 600,000 Twenty Equivalent Units (TEUs), a measurement of container capacity. KPA is also constructing the $900 million second container terminal at the port which will provide an additional capacity of 1.5 TEUs. Currently, the port has the capacity to handle 1.1 million TEUs.

“Increasingly, the container business is taking centre stage as a more preferred mode of ship transport. At the Port of Mombasa our strategy is to focus on growing this segment. In order to create additional container handling capacity, the authority considers the conversion of current conventional cargo berths 11-14, constructed between 1956 and 1959 into modern berths,” Ndua said.

East African Ports are bracing for increased cargo volumes following the expansion of Suez Canal in Egypt creating space for two ships to use the channel at the same time.

KPA has already kicked off the process to identify a concessionaire who will operate the first phase of the second container terminal set for completion in February 29, next year.

Source: Footprint2Africa


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