Kawree, A New International Platform for African Designers

Designers and creators from Africa can now vie for international attention. This is thanks to a new online platform, Kawree.com that offers visibility and opportunities of development to designers and creators from Africa.

The online platform promises to deliver and consolidate a stronger African offering in terms of beauty, fashion and design objects. According to the company, Kawree is the phonetic writing of ‘cowry’. Cowry shells were used for centuries as currency in Africa.

“The vision is to become a unique destination for international customers to access African creativeness,” said Alioune Ndione, its London-based founder.

Kawree empowers the vendors by allowing them to reflect the identity, look and feel of their brand within the platform. The access to a boutique is not limited to a privileged number of creators. With no monthly fees to constraint designers, the platform fosters designers’ growth. Vendors have to pay a joining fee of £29.90 to rent their boutique for the entire year and pay a commission of 23 per cent only on the sales they make.

Kawree seeks to tie a strong relationship with magazines that have the same aspirations in terms of contributing to the African development, build a network of influential bloggers, and organise events and pop-up stores such as the launch event in London in June 2016. It gives a voice to designers to tell their stories and invites future customers to embrace their universe via the blog named ‘Highlights’.


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