Jeta Amata’s $22 Million ‘Black November’ Film to Hit Cinemas This January

Delayed since 2012, Jeta Amata’s intense movie ‘Black November’ is set to be released in Cinemas in the United States, Video-on-Demand (VOD) and iTunes on January 9, 2015, and then in Africa from January 30, 2015.

‘Black November: Struggle for the Niger Delta’ produced in 2012 is an action drama film that narrates the story of a Niger Delta community’s struggle against their government and a multi-national oil corporation to save their environment which is being destroyed by excessive and uncontrolled oil drilling. A blend of America’s Hollywood and Nigeria’s Nollywood, the movie stars Vivica Fox, Akon, Mickey Rourke, Wyclef Jean, Saray Wayne Callies, O.C Ukeje, Mbong Amata, Persia White, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Nse Ikpe Etim, Anne Heche and Kim Basinger.

Directed and co-produced by Nigerian film maker, Jeta Amata, the movie derives its title from the month in which activist Ken Saro-Wiwa was executed in 1995. It is also a reissued version of the 2011 film ‘Black Gold’. Approximately 60% of the scenes were reshot and additional scenes were added to make the film “more current”.

Black November is produced by Bernard Alexander, Ori Ayonmike, Marc Byers, Wilson Ebiye, Hakeem Kae-Kazim and Dede Mabiaku; production and marketing costs of the film totalled at US$22 million.

The film, which is fiction based on actual event, premiered at the Kennedy Centre on 8 May 2012 and was also screened on 26 September 2012 during the United Nations General Assembly; it was met with mixed positive critical reviews. It however had significant impact after release; Amata and the film’s associate producer Lorenzo Omo-Aligbe were invited to the White House regarding the film; Congressman Bobby Rush and his Republican colleague Jeff Fortenberry were also so affected by the film that they sponsored a joint resolution aimed at pressurizing the Nigerian government and Western oil companies to clean up spills in the Niger Delta.

Perhaps unconnected to pressure from this movie, but a few days ago Oil giant Royal Dutch Shell agreed to a $84m (£55m) settlement with residents of the Bodo community in the Niger Delta for two of the biggest oil spills in decades of oil exploration in Nigeria.

Watch Trailer of ‘Black November’ below:


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