International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) lauds Ethiopia’s Renewable Energy Initiative

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has praised Ethiopia for its initiative to promote renewable energy source, FBC reports.

Director for Knowledge, Policy and Finance Center of IRENA, Henning Wuester, said in the Renewable Energy Source workshop held yesterday, Ethiopia has been undertaking successful projects on renewable energy source which could help to sustain the climate resilient economy.

‘‘By 2030 we expect half of the energy source of our world would come from renewable energy. African countries are doing well in using renewable energy sources,’’ he stated, adding ‘‘Ethiopia is a good example from Africa in implementing the green energy policy that can combat climate change. We have to give credit for this effort.’’

The director disclosed that renewable energy source not only reliable and clean energy source but also cost saving that could be affordable to all people.

Africans have huge potential of renewable energy source which can be generated from wind, geothermal, solar and hydro, Wuester further elaborated, urging Africans to develop their financial and technical capacity that enable them to utilize these resource fully.

According to him, the renewable energy sector has created job opportunity for 9.2 million people so far and it would be expected to grow to 24 million in 2030.

Ethiopia’s Minster of Water, Irrigation and Electricity, Motuma Mekasa on his part said that the infrastructural developments of the country should be climate resilient.

‘‘We are in the frontline for promoting green energy and climate resilient economy in Africa. When we start any infrastructural project, it is must to study its effects on climate change.’’

Mekasa admitted that although Ethiopia has been achieving a lot in the renewable energy sector, financial constraint has hindered to start further projects.

The Minster has called for investors who want to engage on renewable energy sector to invest in Ethiopia, pledging the government will provide them any necessary support.

It was learned that Ethiopia’s hydropower potential will have an important contribution to immediate neighbors Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti Somalia and Eritrea, as they constitute a readily available market for hydro-electric power within the region.


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