How “Tekana” is helping to Fight Crime in Rwanda

By Tendai Dube –

Efforts in curbing transnational border and cybercrime are slowly gaining momentum with Rwanda using integrated solutions such as Tekana, a traffic system providing police with data to understand crime trends as well as managing road safety.

Tekana is an intelligent security system which analyses a variety of data to provide security information to one integrated system.

“One of them is a licence plate recognition camera, mounted on police vehicles. The police go around the city and once it matches a vehicle number plate that is wanted or a stolen vehicle – it makes a sound to alert the police of it so they take action against that vehicle,” said Merab Twahirwa from Tekana.

They have also been working with the National Identification Agency to check the validity of drivers’ licences and other fraudulent activities that can be identified on the road.

“We provide electronic ticketing so that we can be integrated with financial institutions, once you pay on your mobile money or your bank account we can know that you have paid against a certain ticket,” Twahirwa said.

Tekana also has a points system, where if you commit a traffic violation, the system will deduct points from your licence automatically, explained Twahirwa, and after a measured period and the driver has lost too many points, the police is required to confiscate your licence.

The system also provides police officers with the mapping of an accident scene, helping them investigate which areas are most affected by accidents.

Tekana hopes to be able to take the product to other countries.

“We are very sure it is a very good product that will help police efficiently work together in operations, and crime fighting,” Twahirwa said.

Source: CNBC Africa


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