Heritage Sites in Africa

Heritage Sites in Africa

The fact that Africa is full of amazing destinations with scenic views is indisputable, the number of UNESCO-designated heritage sites present on the continent is testament to the fact that the continent is indeed one to be thoroughly discovered in the spirit of adventure. Incredible sights, historic monuments that hold so much relic, the amazing wildlife conservatories are distinguished in hopes that they be properly preserved. Although over a 100 heritage sites are UNESCO-designated, several hundreds are also on the tentative lists to be officially designated as well. Jovago.com brings to your attention the heritage sites present in the bountiful continent of Africa!

Most Famous Heritage Sites in Africa

Though not completely exhaustive, this map shows the some famous heritage sites and Jovago hotels present in the states. Tunisia, one of the countries with the most heritage sites has over a hundred hotels registered on the Jovago inventory to cater to the needs of tourists and adventurers who seek to discover the Kerkuane Punic Town and Medina of Kairouan amongst others. Kenya, home to five heritage sites boasts of over a thousand hotels on the Jovago inventory. Nigeria often regarded to as the giant of Africa though with two heritage sites has about eight thousand hotels on the Jovago inventory! Impressive!

Top 6 African Countries with Heritage Sites

Ethiopia and Morocco are home to the most heritage sites and with several other sites on the tentative lists. They are closely followed by Tunisia and South Africa. Egypt comes in fifth place with seven UNESCO-recognized heritage sites.

Shared Heritage Sites between 2 States

Some heritage sites are so vast that they span across the borders of up to three countries. The Maloti-Drakensberg Park is shared by Lesotho and South Africa, the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve is shared by Ivory Coast and Guinea, the Stone Circles of Senegambia are shared by Gambia and Senegal and the famous Victoria Falls is shared by Zimbabwe and Zambia!

Indeed, Africa’s beauty and amazing sites cannot be limited to these recognized heritage sites but they sure are a great way to start the journey to exploring the continent!


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