Google Announces Free Digital Training for 1 Million African Youth

Google in Sub-Saharan Africa has launched a free training programme to equip one million youth with digital skills across the continent, Footprint to Africa reports.

With its supporting partner Livity Africa, the tech giant is offering two training programmes: Digify Bytes to provide digital skills to young people looking to develop a digital career; and Digital Pro, a three-month immersion scheme for digital specialists.

Through the online portal, digital skills, tutorials and courses covering a range of subjects including content creation, digital strategy, web design, social media and app development are available to anyone in Africa upon registration.

To avoid excessive use of data, the portal has been designed to be “light”.

“With digital skills, everyone can succeed online, start a new business, grow their existing one or share their passion,” said Google Kenya Manager Charles Murito at the #digitalskills4Africa training programme launch in Nairobi.

More than 11, 000 Kenyans of the 200, 000 Kenyan youth Google aims to train are already using the platform. A further 400, 000 Nigerians and 300, 000 South Africans are targeted to receive the free training. Another 100, 000 people will be selected from other sub-Saharan African countries.

A group of 65 volunteer Gogglers from around the world are working with Livity on content development, training trainers and delivering the training sessions.

The programme which will run for the next one year was launched three months ago in Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya.


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