Ghana to Host African Regional Meeting For Youth Financial Inclusion

Africa’s regional meeting to discuss Financial Inclusion, Entrepreneurship and Economic Citizenship for children and youth will be held in Accra from 23-27 November.

With the overarching theme of Advancing youth economic empowerment for inclusive growth, the three-day event will be held by Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI), the organisation working to ensure the economic empowerment of children and youth. It is expected that the Ghanaian President, Mr John Drahami Mahama, will be in attendance at this key regional meeting.

Hosted alongside network partners Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC) and Youth Enterprise Support (YES), the meeting will bring together some of Africa´s leading experts, researchers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, government representatives, youth representatives, as well as national and international NGOs involved in the field of child and youth finance.

Why is economic empowerment important for African youth?

Children and Youth in sub-Saharan Africa make up 47.30% of the population. However, only 16.8% of those between ages 15-25 hold accounts at formal financial institutions. At the same time, many children on the continent lack access to financial education, and 60% of Africa’s unemployed are young people.

CYFI and the Child and Youth Finance Movement Network are committed to giving all children and youth the knowledge to make wise financial decisions, the opportunity to accumulate savings, and the skills to find employment or start a business, and ultimately break the cycle of poverty.

This Regional Meeting seeks to promote discussions on the relevance of financial education and financial inclusion for Children and Youth, and leverage synergies at regional and national levels.

What will happen at the meeting?

Taking place over 3 days, the schedule is full of key initiatives to address specific issues relating to the financial inclusion of youth, and identify innovative practices to foster economic empowerment of young people across the region. The focuses of the meeting are ‘Innovate’, ‘Act’, and ‘Impact’ – attendees will share best practice and expertise, demonstrate new projects for implementation, and create national and regional action plans to help youth build a brighter future for themselves.

The regional meeting will also involve a Youth Summit, which will focus mainly on creating an enabling environment for the growth of youth enterprises. As part of CYFI’s Ye! Community, young entrepreneurs will have the chance to pitch their start-ups to potential investors and business experts.

It is expected that the meeting will result in new partnerships across different sectors and strategies to ensure the economic empowerment of children and youth across Africa.

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