GERD shows Ethiopia’s ability to plan, execute mega projects – Deputy Prime Minister Demeke

The performance of the execution of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) does not only manifest the success of the joint efforts of the public and the government but is also exemplary to the renaissance journey of the country, Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Demeke Mekonen, has said.

The active involvement of the public as owners of the dam and the close supervision and management of the government have contributed immensely to the success registered, the deputy premier elaborated.

Demeke, who noted the consolidated support of the public to GERD, added that over 8 billion birr out of the pledged 12 billion birr has been collected.

According to him, Ethiopians in the Diaspora have contributed their share by purchasing bonds.

Since the construction of the dam began five years ago, self reliance and the spirit of conquering the unconquerable have been consolidated among the people, the deputy prime minister stated.

The construction of GERD has also concretely proved that it is possible to plan gigantic projects and realize them, he pointed out.

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