Free Education Plan here to stay – President Magufuli

Tanzanian President, John Magufuli, has reaffirmed his government’s stand in bankrolling free education to every child and youth from primary to secondary school.

The Head of State said that free education is just for starters because once the ongoing efforts to seal all holes through which public funds were being misused, the government will be in better position to provide even more basic services to the citizens, promptly free of charge.

Dr Magufuli made the statements while addressing residents of Arusha during meetings at Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) road Junction, Usa-River, Tengeru and Sekei areas along the main Arusha-Moshi highway, where his motorcade was forced into a series of stops.

The president was travelling from Kilimanjaro Airport to Arusha late on Thursday evening and braved the rain to speak to hundreds of residents who lined up along the 35-kilometre road stretch from the terminal to the city. Occasionally, crowds thronged his convoy keen on getting a word or two from the President.

“I need your prayers. We are still dealing with corrupt people and fighting graft. All this is to ensure that the country’s abundant resources are channelled towards public services,” Dr Magufuli told the eager residents of the townships located along the highway.

“I insist again that from this year onwards, education from Standard One to Form Four will be provided free of charge and the government has already disbursed funds to that effect.

Nobody should charge parents, pupils and students anything. We shall deal with any teacher or official who would dare to go against this directive,” said Dr Magufuli.

The Head of State said he was optimistic that ongoing operations to curb graft and loss of national revenue will soon bear fruit and that, other than just basic education, the government will be able to provide more essential services free of charge. Dr Magufuli also cautioned Arusha residents against harbouring post-election grudges.

“The polls are over and all of us must return to sanity as united citizens of a single country. Work together to achieve development and support all government initiatives in order to move the nation ahead,” he said, adding that he will ensure that all promises he made during campaigns are fulfilled.

Dr John Magufuli, over the weekend, presided over this year’s first army officers’ commissioning ceremony, at the ‘Tanzania Military Academy (TMA) in Monduli District. The occasion was President Magufuli’s first commissioning of officer cadets in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of Tanzania’s Armed Forces.

The globally popular leader was sworn in as the new head of state last November following the 2015 General Elections which he won.

Source: Daily Times Tanzania


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