FAO Gambia Launches Artisanal Fisheries Project

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Gambia office in partnership with the Ministry of Fisheries has launched a D16 million Technical Cooperation Project (TCP) to boost the artisanal fisheries sub-sector in The Gambia.

Speaking at the launching ceremony held at the minister’s office in Banjul, the FAO country representative, Mrs Perpetua Katepa Kalala, said the importance to the fisheries sector could not be overemphasized, as fisheries contributes 12 percent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

She revealed that the project was funded through FAO TCP to the tune of D16 million for a two-year period.

According to Mrs Kalala, the primary objective of the TCP project is to improve the sub-sector of fisheries through capacity building, ethics, proper fishing, among other modes of operation to ensure effective utilisation of the fishing industry.

She expressed her excitement about the partnership between the FAO and the Ministry of Fisheries, adding that at the level of the FAO all they are looking for is the development of the fisheries sector.

Mrs Kalala also lauded the regional office in Accra for participating in the formulation of the document, adding that all they are looking for is to see the successful implementation of the project.

The Gambia’s  Minister of Fisheries, Lamin Nyabally, thanked the FAO for the partnership, adding that the launching serves as another milestone in the fisheries sector, in the sense that artisanal fishing has great potential.

Nyabally assured the FAO that the project would be fully implemented by the Gambia government through the Ministry of Fisheries.

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