Exploring the hidden potential of the Gambia

As Africa’s smallest nation on the continental land mass, the Gambia is often overlooked but this Senegal-surrounded nation is rich with potential and not just in terms of tourism and travel. Although its beautiful beaches attract scores of zen-seeking tourists desperate for the sun and surf, the business prospects in the Gambia are also promising. Jovago.com unveils the splendour of the Gambia and enlightens the eyes and minds of all to the possibilities and beauties of Africa. Start planning your itinerary and making possible plans for your future vacations. Whether the motto for your ideal vacation is solitary or communing with the locals, the Gambia gives you the best of both!

Situated in West Africa with a total area of about 10,600 square kilometers, the Gambia is bordered on the West by the Atlantic Ocean and on all other sides by Senegal. Picture this, the country is shaped in a form of a narrow stretch of land from the coast to about 400 kilometers inland. It is divided into two equal parts by the River Gambia which is quite prominent and serves as a source of water transport and fishery.

The Gambia’s intimate small fishing villages are open to travellers seeking to have a peek into the lives and times of the Gambian fishery industry which is a major component of the economy. Its environment-friendly lodges are a dream to the nature-loving tourists and its cosy wildlife parks add an allure to the country. Bird-watching is one of the biggest activities in the Gambia – who would think watching birds could get this interesting? Travellers get to see a whole new world of flora and fauna local to the Gambia.

Relaxing river cruises are also made possible thanks to the River Gambia which cuts across the nation. It is no understatement that the Gambia is a wonderful travel destination for discovery and relaxation. It may not be the fanciest spot but it is definitely worth seeing. The people are warm and welcoming, exploring their country would only leave you wanting to return as soon as possible! Its size is no hindrance to its touristic potential.

Tourist taxis are available for tourists who want to explore the cities of Banjul, Kololi, Kotu and Bakau amongst others, the standard yellow bush taxis are also a good option. Experience the bustling markets to buy some local produce and practice bargaining skills – who doesn’t like a good bargain? Don’t forget to laze on the charming Tanji beach which exudes a laidback vibe as local fishermen get on with their business.


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