Ethiopian President Calls for sound Land Management, Governance in Africa

Ethiopian President Mulatu Teshome said the issue of good land governance would only be realized through the introduction of modern land management system, backed by new technologies to maximize resource benefit.

The President also said Ethiopia is working towards that end in its second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP), which is also one of the seven goals of Agenda 2063.

He was speaking at the opening of the 4th High Level Forum on UN Global Geospatial Information Management with the theme: ‘Good Land Governance for the 2030 Agenda’ at UNECA Conference Centre here, Wednesday.

Mulatu said land is the single greatest resource in almost all countries and particularly for sub-Saharan Africa next to human resource. It is fundamental for sustainable development and poverty alleviation if well managed.

“Sustainable development and good land governance are among the seven aspirations of the AU Agenda 2063 to see the Africa we want in the near future,” the President said.

He added that Ethiopia has been pursuing a policy of sustainable and equitable development to attain the target set to eradicate poverty and become a middle income country by 2025.

The country has been registering a double digit growth of 11 per cent on average successively for over a decade or so. The country needs to work further on governance in general and land governance in particular to ensure sustainable development, he said.

The President added developing countries like Ethiopia need to build their capacity in generating, compiling, analyzing and disseminating of authoritative, accurate and timely Geospatial Information Management for the much needed sustainable development in Africa.

Director of African Center for Statistics, Oliver J.M Chinganya, said land information and its management are fundamental for a successful land administration and drive benefit from sustainable development.

Source: FBC


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