Ethiopian Electric Power to Undertake Capacity Improvement and Expansion at Power Distribution Stations

The Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) is set to execute capacity improvement and expansion project at power distribution stations so as to avoid power cut, according to FBC.

Once it goes operational, the project will help to reliably supply power to industries and railway lines.

The expansion project includes boosting the Bishoftu power station’s capacity to 400KV. The capacity of Mojo, Ginchi and Dukem distribution centers will also be increased to 230 KV by the project.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EEP, Engineer Azeb Asnake, said the project would enable Ethiopia to provide sufficient power to industries and railway lines as the expansion will be carried out in close proximity to them.

The expansion project will also help to avoid power interruption, she added.

The expansion project is expected to be finalized within two years.


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