Ethiopia to Establish Integrated Agro-Industrial Park in Bure Town

The Amhara Regional State of Ethiopia has announced plans to establish an integrated agro-industrial park in Bure Town in Growth and Transformation Plan II (GTP II) period, accoding to Walta Information Center.

Ahmed Abitew, Member of the Central Committee of the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) and Minister of Industry, announced the region’s plan while presenting its GTP II for the scholars gathered in Addis Ababa to discuss the way forward and achievements of the party in the last 35 years.

According to Ahmed, the region will develop over 100 industrial shades on 2,000 hectares of land to strengthen its industrial base. He pointed out that Ethiopia will establish 17 integrated agro industrial parks in various parts of the country. The agro-industrial parks will be established within 100 kilometre radius distance from input source and output market.

Ethiopia has begun the development of two kinds of industrial parks; integrated agro-industrial parks and large scale industrial parks. These industrial parks are expected to cost US$ 10 billion within ten years in main economic corridors of Ethiopia.

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