Ethiopia: Teachers in Addis Ababa to get Free Transport Service

Teachers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia will be given free transport service beginning from Monday, May 9, 2016.

According to the scheme, teachers in the capital can use city buses free of charges with IDs prepared for them.

Deputy head of Addis Ababa education bureau, Dagnew Gebru, and deputy manager of Addis Ababa transport bureau, Tesfye Gebre, signed an agreement on Wednesday to commence the service.

FBC reports that, according to the agreement, teachers in the metropolis can use city buses free of charges at any time.

During its initial implementation stage, the new scheme is expected to benefit about 19,000 teachers.

Addis Ababa city administration will cover the annual cost of the free service projected to be 40 million birr, it was noted.


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