Ethiopia: Ministry electrifies over 200 villages

More than 200 new villages have gained access to electricity during the past 8 months, according to Ethiopia’s Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity (MoWIE), Motuma Mekassa.

Minister Motuma made the remark while presenting his Ministry’s 8-month performance report to members of the House of Peoples Representatives (HPR), Tuesday.

He further said his Ministry managed to withstand the water scarcity problems encountered in drought hit areas by supply water to the residents at a cost of 1.2 billion birr.

About 5.8 million people have benefited from the water supply efforts carried out by using water trucks, according to the Minister.

A number of defunct water wells were also renovated and went operational, he added.

The Ministry was also able to deal with the power shortage associated with the drought, which led to a decline in water volume of hydropower dams, by generating 592 MW of electricity from Gibe III, Motuma noted.

Regarding good governance, 32 heads were relieved of their duties due to failure to discharge their responsibility effectively, he added.

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