Ethiopia marks Eighth National Flag Day

by Tesfa Mogessie

Ethiopia today marked its 8th National Flag Day ceremony with Ethiopians turning out in numbers all over the country in a strong mood to brace courage for nationwide poverty reduction.

Ethiopians, particularly those living in the capital Addis Ababa, gathered at the grand stadium located in downtown Addis Ababa bearing a flag having a bottom-up red-yellow-green pattern up on the sky and showing off thrilling national sentiments. There were students from Ethiopian National Theater in the middle of the stadium presenting songs parsing how the flag is scared and symbol of national pride.

A military parade involving members of National Defense Force, Federal Police and Addis Ababa Police carried out was sound enough as joined by raucous gatherings.

The ceremony was attended by high-level officials including President Dr.Mulatu Teshome, Speaker of the House of Peoples Representative Abadula Gemeda and Chief of Staff of Ethiopian Defense Forces Major General Samora Yunus.

Addressing the gathering, President Dr. Mulatu Teshome said the flag symbolizes national pride and help youths of this generation remember fallen forefathers who never bowed down for any king of foreign aggressors who came to invade motherland Ethiopia in different times.

“Our flag fly high around the world to signify that we are a proud nation and the bloody sacrifice of forefathers is not left in vein,” the President said.

“It [flag] is an emblem of a people who have a long history from which we draw courage and patriotism,” he said.

There are courageous people “behind the flag,” he said urging all Ethiopians to stand beside the government in the fight against all odds putting the economic development in trouble including maladministration, corruption, and preferential treatment on the basis of religious or ethnic background.

He called upon the people to help the government realize the second five year Growth and Transformation Plan (GTPII), an economic plan upon which the government claimed a package of mega development projects to achieve a middle-income status country by 2025.

House Speaker, Abadula  Gemeda, alluded to the President saying that flag is a symbol of “national unity and equality.”

He said that the country ensures tolerance among diverse ethnic groups which enable them stand together in poverty reduction struggle with everything at their disposal. “Flag is a device bracing all people under single velvet in the fight against poverty,” he said.

The country has made a good stride in terms of democratic development, Abdula said referring to the last May election that the government believes won the will of the people.

A half-day ceremony came to end as the President hoisted the flag upon flagstaff looping with national anthem voiced out by the people.


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