Ethiopia: Kesem Sugar Factory to Commence full-scale Production in a Month

The General Manager of Kesem Sugar Factory, Mr. Tegenu Genamo, has announced that the factory having the capacity to produce six thousand quintals of sugar a day would soon operate at full capacity in a month, according to EBC.

Mr. Tegenu stated that the factory’s production capacity will hit 1.1 million by the end of this fiscal year adding at full capacity; it will produce 1.5 million quintals of sugar per year. Its sugarcane plantation occupies 20,000 hectares of land, of which only three thousand hectares have been developed.

He further added that the factory currently employs five thousand workers with 16 percent of the workforce being females and hopes to employ seven thousand workers when at full capacity.

The factory’s Deputy General Manager of Public Mobilization, Mr. e also spoke of the huge job creating role of the factory for the locals. The factory also produces animal feed and promotes the expansion of agriculture through encouraging locals to plant sugarcanes on their farms for shared benefit.

He added that a dam with a capacity to hold 500 million cubic meters of water has been built to avoid water shortage.


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