Ethiopia in Increased Partnership Drive on Security, African Integration

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn has said his visit to West Africa is part of the country’s drive to strengthen partnership in the areas of peace and security as well as to promote Africa’s integration agenda, ENA reports.

The Prime Minister said his visit served as a platform to share Ethiopia’s experience in fighting terrorism and its fast economic growth.

The six-day tour to Ghana and Guinea helped Ethiopia to build strong bilateral relations with the countries as well as share views on continental matters with the leaders, Hailemariam stated.

The visit inspired the two nations to bolster their ties with Ethiopia and gain lessons from the Horn of Africa’s nation in fighting terrorism, he added.

According to the Premier, vital agreements have been reached to promote shared growth, establish economic integration and work towards the realization of Agenda 2063.

As part of his next African tour, the Prime Minister will visit South Africa, Angola and Mozambique. Algeria in North Africa is also a strong ally of Ethiopia.


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