Ethiopia Aspires to Raise Rural Water Supply

Ethiopia has put plans in motion to raise rural water supply by 25 litre water a day per person within one kilometre radius from the baseline 15 litre a day per head within 1.5 kilometre radius in GTP II period.

Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity, Motuma Mekesa, said: “Provision of water is an indication of economic development and Ethiopia has set a goal to supply water and sanitation for millions of people in four regions.”

He also said the Ministry, to achieve the goal of becoming a middle-income country, intends to work hard to improve provision of water supply and drainage system in Ethiopia.

An estimated  $44.2 billion is needed to achieve the goal and the amount is expected to come from internal and external sources through the basket fund mechanism.

Through the financial assistance of Italian Development Cooperation (IDC), water supply and sanitation projects in five towns have been completed and begun operation.

The projects in Durame, Genda Whua, Huruta, Limugenet and Shire Endassilassie are expected to benefit over 170,000 people. An outlay of $5 million was spent on the projects.

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