Discover Africa’s Holiday-Worthy Destinations

Do you plan on ending this year with a bang? Well, fret not! Many destinations in Africa are quickly becoming more popular as holiday spots to help you unwind and get mentally and physically prepared for the coming year. Fortunately, it’s also that time of the year to take advantage of the end of year discounts and packages which afford one luxuries that would normally be put off, travel agencies and hotels also have amazing discounts and voucher codes to make your dream holiday a reality – how amazing is that? Jovago brings you some of Africa’s exotic destinations to add to your travel wish-list in this season.

Go island-hopping in Cape Verde!

Cape Verde, an island country spans about 10 islands in the central Atlantic Ocean. It is located about 600 kilometres off the coast of Western Africa and has one of the highest tourist arrivals growth rate. The possibility of island-hopping makes this archipelago even more interesting! Nature-loving travellers would have the perfect time at Cabo Verde where the ambience is a fusion of sunlight and flora. The zen-searching tourists can lounge on the beach and enjoy the cool evening breeze and sound of the water slapping the rocks. ince the beaches are not always crowded, you get the perk of feeling like you’re lounging on your very own private beach!

Madagascar’s underwater paradise is worth seeing…

Madagascar gives you the best of both! It boasts of being the world’s fourth-largest island, home to an exquisite range of flora and fauna, the island appeals to travellers and tourists from all walks of life. Madagascar is not exactly an archipelago, apart from the main island itself, the nation also comprises of a number of other peripheral islands. As quite the tourist attraction, its coastline of 5000 km is a major factor as tons of divers and snorkelers are drawn to the island for this reason. The variety of aquatic life and underwater relics make it even more interesting!

Laze on Mozambique’s beaches

The sandy beaches and breath-taking history adds an allure to the Mozambican mystery – it is interesting to learn of the dynamic play between slavery and religion in Mozambique’s coastal area during the colonial times. With an increase in the volume of tourists, more citizens of the neighbouring countries are keen on exploring the reefs and islands of this country. The promise of zen, sunshine and adventure is one that cannot be easily passed up by eager travellers.

Comoros is waiting to be explored…

Comoros is renowned as a spice and perfume-producing archipelago on the Indian Ocean. It lies between Mozambique and Madagascar. The islands are sure to keep tourists and travellers of every type enchanted. Although in comparison to Seychelles, Sao Tome amongst others, Comoros is largely unexplored in terms of tourism.


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