Construction of $4.6m Animal Feeds Factory begins in Rwanda

Construction of a $4.6 million animal feeds factory has begun in Huye District of Rwanda, according to New Times Rwanda.

The factory, which has a capacity to produce 40 tonnes of high quality and affordable animal feeds per day, is expected to solve the problem of lack of nutritious animal feeds and is due for completion in December 2016.

According to Felix Nyirishema, the coordinator of Korean projects in the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, the factory will be the largest animal feeds production facility in the country. It will produce fish, poultry, piggery and cow feeds.

The facility is expected to produce high quality feeds which can substantially support livestock industry in Rwanda and the region as whole, and it will be constructed on 1.7 ha plot in Huye’s Sovu Industrial Zone, and will consist of a production unit, store and a laboratory, among others.

“The largest number of our population is engaged in farming and we have various programmes like Girinka (One-Cow-per- Family) which has contributed to eradicating extreme poverty. But, we are still lacking animal feeds. Therefore, the animal feeds production unit is very important for our farmers. It will help farmers ensure the macro and micro development of our country,” Alphonse Munyantwali, the Governor of the Southern Province, noted.

Residents welcomed the factory, saying it would solve the shortage and high price of animal feeds as well as offer some of them jobs.


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