Central African Republic, the forgotten Haven

Central African Republic has been under the spotlight due to the Pope’s recent visit to the country, as one of the least-visited countries in Africa, the CAR has a long way to go in terms of tourism and boosting its national image. It is bordered by Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo and Cameroon which cumulatively make it officially landlocked. Since its independence from France in 1960, it has continually struggled to remain economically and politically sovereign. The capital city, Bangui evokes the colonial air and remains quite reminiscent of France, its colonial country. With a modest population of approximately 5 million is predominantly Christian, speak French and Sangho and quite dependent on agriculture. Since the Pope’s visit has created quite a buzz about the Central African, even as the country is quite forgotten and on several caution travel list, Jovago shares three destinations in CAR that are worth visiting.

Travellers and tourists could easily get a taste of Central African cuisine as local markets supply a wide range of affordable and delicious food. Explore the tastes of Bangui with the freshest fish from the Ubangi River and the locally made fufu. Perhaps the Pope got to experience this as he visited the country during the last leg of his three-nation African visit.

Bangui’s scenic atmosphere makes for an interesting adventurous retreat or getaway, the Notre-Dame of Bangui Cathedral is a definite pit-stop for travelling exploring the capital city. Nature loving travellers would find the Dzanga-Sangha Reserve quite pleasing as it provides a unique opportunity to experience the wildlife in all its splendour, species to be spotted range from the local Bongo antelopes to hippos and elephants amongst others. Pygmy villages also exist in the vicinity to further peek the interest of travellers on the culture of the people.

The Boali Waterfalls are also a magnificent sight to behold especially during the rainy season. There you have it, make pit stops at these destinations sure to make adventure lovers are free to get a taste of the wildlife and for the lovers, this makes for an amazing honeymoon and wedding destination! Perhaps this could make up for the literature gap currently existing in relation to tourism in the Central African Republic.


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