Angola’s Cambambe Dam set to be the country’s Largest Power Substation

Angola’s Hydroelectric Dam of Cambambe (AHC) is about to make history; the completion of the plant’s second monumental hydroelectric barrier will mark the inauguration of the country’s largest power substation.

The news came on Friday at Cambambe, northern Cuanza Norte Province, by the AHC project director, Alberto Carneiro. Carneiro was visiting the site along with the minister of Energy and Waters, João Baptista Borges.

The construction is moving along on course. Carneiro clarified to reporters that the substation will have three courtyards, the first with a capacity of 60 kilowatts, kW, the second with 221KW and the third one with 400KW.

“Technically, the dam is completed. Since the initial construction stage, it was always set to produce up to 180 megawatts,” said Carneiro.

An additional 700 megawatts will be added to the 180 megawatts of power, marking an increase of over 60 megawatts and a total of 960 megawatts.

This highly anticipated completion will greatly benefit Angolan’s countrywide. With a reported 15 percent of the population currently having access to electric power and frequent blackouts, the system has been largely unpopular within the country in terms of meeting the needs of the vast majority of the people.

Previously, hhydroelectric facilities generated more than two-thirds of Angola ’s electricity. The Matala dam, which began operations in 2001 on the Cunene River, is the main source of electricity in southwest Angola. The Cambambe dam (180 MW) on the Kwanza River, the Mabubas dam (17.8 MW) on the Dande River, and diesel generators are the main sources of electricity in the north of the country.

The inauguration of the Hydroelectric Cambambe Dam will ease the power demands from these regions and create a smoother electric compatibility for the country’s residents.

Source: Footprint to Africa


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