Africa’s Top 5 Festivals

Africa is increasingly appreciative of the arts in its various forms – photography, drama, music, spoken word and poetry are continuously strengthened and encouraged by events across Africa. The recent Karibu Music Festival in Tanzania, the Art and Beer Festival in Kenya and the Lagos Photo Festival are great examples of how the African population embraces the arts. Africa’s art history is profound and the diversity on the continent is showcased by the variety of festivals held to boost knowledge or preserve the African art narrative.

To cater to the travel needs of travellers seeking to explore and enjoy Africa, brings you a couple of Africa’s best festivals!

Celebrate Ghana’s history at the Panafest!

Ghana’s Pan African Historical Theatre Festival is held biennially. It is a demonstration of the affluence of the country’s drama, music and poetry. Created in the 1980s, this festival also reflects on the history of slavery in Ghana and its journey to independence which is a common experience for many African countries. This shows that the festival may be in Ghana but is not limited to it as the aim to encourage African solidarity through art.

Pay homage to Nigeria’s finest at Felabration

Fela Kuti is not only a household name in Nigeria but in countries across the world, he is Nigeria’s afrobeat icon, a major assertive voice that continues to inspire the Nigerian youth. Felabration is an annual festival that promotes music and arts in Nigeria and Africa as well as the life of Fela Kuti! This festival was created in 1998 by Fela’s first child in order to pay respects and ensure that the music and values of Fela remain entrenched in the minds of the youth. Fela’s shrine in Lagos is visited by many from far and wide.

Experience Ghana at the Chale Wote Street Art Festival

Chale Wote always gets the media blazing about Africa. Social media platforms are lighted up with beautiful photographs of the personalities and characters from the parades. It is indeed an experience! Jamestown, one of the oldest districts in Ghana hosts the festival every year. And the magic starts with street art, graffiti, spoken word performances and great music to name a few. Local artists and personalities can also be spotted at the Chale Wote Festival.

Discover Ethiopia’s culture at Timket

Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous country has been ablaze recently in the news with its first all-female flight crew. This is an amazing feat but only a glimpse of the awesomeness that is rooted in Ethiopia. The 3-day Timkat festival is quite elaborate and majestic as Christians in the beautiful garments have a procession on the streets of Gondar. The commemoration of the baptism of Jesus Christ is quite the festival and should be experienced by all.

Spend a magical week at the Harare International Festival of the Arts

This 6-day annual festival is quite popular, it is a fusion of educative workshops and the bustling festivals thus visitors get to work and play in Harare. Birthed in 1999, this festival has become a tool of consolidation for Zimbabwe which celebrating the arts in its various forms.

What other amazing festivals are held in Africa? Do you think these festivals are of importance?


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