The Commonwealth Secretariat has launched the first Africa anti-corruption centre in Botswana providing accessible and practical guidance to national agencies in 19 countries across the continent.

Jointly funded by Botswana and the Commonwealth Secretariat, the anti-graft centre was officially opened by the country’s Vice President Dr Ponatshego Kedikilwe.

A statement issued by the Secretariat, said the Africa anti-corruption centre will support member countries’ fight against ‘graft’ which undermines hard-fought democratic and economic gains as well as trust in governments’ ability to deliver basic services.

It will be a visible and tangible demonstration of the Commonwealth commitment to support its members’ anti-corruption efforts, with the potential for replication in Commonwealth countries across the world, the statement added.

The Secretariat indicated that all the 19 Commonwealth African countries have pledged support to the Centre, which will provide a South-South exchange of ideas, technical skills and best practice to combat corruption.

It says the Association of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Commonwealth Africa will play a vital role in developing programmes for the Centre, including the sharing of technical expertise and policy advice, the provision of a help desk based at the Botswana Anti-Corruption Agency and specialist training in forensic investigation and asset tracing.



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