With each passing year, we see more and more of Africans who are set adrift in the vast world without any sense of identify, searching and finding various tangible links to Africa, Our Motherland. A Liberian residing in the United States of America, Mr. Joshua Zor Bernard has found one of the most precious links to Africa, in its children and the future for a better tomorrow. By donating hundreds of notebooks, pencils, crayons and other school materials to students of two high schools and an elementary school in the Bassa Community on Capitol Hill, he has left an indelible mark for the progress of education in Africa,

Students and school staff, as well as residents who witnessed the presentation yesterday showered Mr. Bernad with high praises and encouraged him to do more, acknowledging that he was the first among several others, who have left the Bassa Community and traveled to the US, to remember the community. The former player and captain of Junior Professional Football Club in Liberia, Mr. Benard visited and donated the notebooks, crayons and pencils to the Bishop Alfred Jackson International School System, St. Simon Baptist School and Pioneer Baptist School System- all of the Bassa Community respectively.

Making comments during his presentations, Mr. Benard told the students that he was glad to be in Liberia to visit with the schools, adding that life was not about him and his family alone in America, but how one could be of help to another person not able to afford.

“I know sometimes it’s very hard and you want to say today I’m not going to school. At times, there’s no transportation, food and you find it difficult, but you still make the effort to be here,” he said, underscoring the importance of education, as well as noting that those claiming to be educated took advantage of the under-privileged to fight in the years of civil war here in Liberia because of their lack of education.

He encouraged students to pursue education despite the challenges, because according to him, it helps one to make a better decision and obtain a better job.

The Principal of the Pioneer Baptist School System, Mr. S.E. Emmanuel Ward welcomed Benard, saying some community members who have traveled to the US won’t do the same or even drink from their community when they return, for fear that they would be bewitched.

The Principal thanked Mr. Benard, and then encouraged his students, especially those on the school’s football team, to be serious with their education, saying “Mr. Bernard didn’t forget about school when he traveled.”


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