African Traveller Habits: Infographics

Travel in Africa is currently booming thanks to the increasing number of  leisure travelers and conduct of inter-regional and international business. Popular destinations attract even more tourists and unknown ones are unveiled as websites like brings even the most remote hotels to the fore giving them the opportunity to access a global audience while bringing an unlimited choice of hotels to the fingertips of the savvy traveler. This infographic shows the travel habits of African travelers ranging from the average number of days spent at hotels to the extent to which they book in advance.

Room Rates

Across the African continent, costs of hotels vary depending on the type of rooms and services that accompany them. The survey shows Mali, Mozambique and Djibouti to have the highest average amounts spent per night in hotel.

Preferred Payment Methods

The trust for pre-payment methods is still in construction as only 27% of travellers who book online prefer to wrap up the transaction through mobile payments. The majority, 73% prefer to make their payments upon arrival to the hotel in the good old-fashioned way.

Length of Stay

The average length of stay in hotels is for 2 days and the longest stay registered was for 30 days! From this, it seems as though business trips are getting shorter. The case may not be the same for vacations but 2 days is a quick great fix for accumulated stress!

Hotel Bookings in Advance

63% of travellers are pretty cautious as they prefer to book less than 7 days in advance for their hotel stays. Following them with 26% are the spontaneous ones who prefer to book just hours in advance of their arrival at the hotel.

Room type

81% of rooms booked are double rooms hence they accommodate two adults, 15% are single rooms for the solo travellers and the other 4% range from rooms that accommodate two adults with kids or a group. The largest number of people accommodated in an hotel room is 8!


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