4 amazing Wedding Destinations across Africa

Wedding seasons in Africa span across different months, some nationalities prefer to have it in the festive season alongside Christmas and end-of-year celebrations, others would rather have it in the middle of the year and some spread out within the year tallying with anniversary dates of the relationship. Whatever the case may be, the African continent has enough beautiful dream wedding destinations to last a thousand weddings! Since the year is just kicking off, Jovago brings you some beautiful destinations that could just be perfect for your dream wedding.

Planning to get hitched? Here are some great spots!

Unguja, Tanzania

This little paradise is Zanzibar’s largest island, its picturesque white beaches and blue waters make it the ultimate wedding destination. For couples that choose this destination for their weddings, it could also double as a honeymoon spot as it is indeed beautiful. This is a great way to save extra costs of travelling elsewhere for a honeymoon.

Mahé Island, Seychelles

This island has quite a handful of amazing spots to make a dream wedding happen. Mahe’s beautiful beaches and scenic atmosphere is the perfect royal wedding or getaway, couples could also explore further to take a dip in La Digue’s jade waters which give off this laidback vibe for relaxation beyond your imagination and Praslin is for some adrenaline rush.

Pemba, Mozambique

The sandy beaches and breath-taking views add an allure to the Mozambican beauty – the reefs and islands of this country provide the newlyweds with tons of bonding activities during their honeymoon. The promise of zen, sunshine and adventure is one that cannot be easily passed up by eager travellers.

Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

Adventure often brings people together, Victoria Falls is the perfect destination for adventure-loving couples. As is the case for the other destinations, there is a world of opportunities of activities to engage in during the honeymoon period! What more could one ask for?

Gorgeous views are strewn across the continent waiting to soothe frayed nerves and create amazing memories for newlyweds. What other African destinations are great for weddings?


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